How To Choose The Perfect Colours For Your Brand

Your business could be ready to provide customers with the most revolutionary and innovative products or the definition of excellent service. However did you know, that colours have a lot to do with the brand image that you will project to your customer? If the colour scheme is unappealing, chances are that most people will not buy from you. Make sure that you pick the correct palette when you are approaching your clients. Here are some helpful tips on how you can choose the best colours.

Identify the demographics of your audience
Understand the psychology of your customers. Then understand the demographics of your target market. If you make the homepage of a website that sells the latest tech gadgets in pink and yellow and red, your primary audience will not visit you site. Instead you will have most mothers looking at it trying to see if they can buy a gift. But that is not your market. If you run a law firm make sure that the austere professionalism is indicated with solid colours like grey, blue, black and white. Orange and green will take away from your service and sophistication. Even the colours you pick for your logo design needs to resonate with this.

Go with 60-30-10
If you have hired a good web designer they will explain to you about the “60-30-10 rule”. What this means is that you can choose three good and strong colours and use them throughout your website in varying percentages of 60, 30 or 10. This helps to make a good, positive and professional impression on your clients.

Think about your competitors
Research on your online branding first. Go through the websites of your competitors. Pay attention to the layouts, designs, colours and copy they have used. You will be able to get a good idea about web design company in Australia for what works in your chosen field then. It will also give you the opportunity to make an informed decision on if you would like to remain within the normal parameters for a business in your field d or if you would like to venture outside the box.

Think about psychology
Think about colours that will appeal and alert the mind of your customers. Your goal should always be to increase traffic to your site and also to drive engagement. If you want to make sure that the customers notices the site, dark colours like red, black and yellow will do the job. The fact that these colours are also used on stop or warning signs means that they naturally alert the customer. If you are all about peach and serenity go with light shades of purple, green and blue. Good luck picking the colour scheme of your business!